ISS Terrain (2018)

This web audio generative piece retrieves the coordinates of the International Space Station (ISS) to create a soundscape representative of where is it around the globe.  The music and fieldrecordings vary depending on if the ISS is above sea or land, and its latitude - the closer to the equator, the busier the orchestral texture.  The sea/land data is retrieved from Google Maps, and might not always be accurate.

This piece is a prototype for a sonic art installation yet to be created.


How to play this piece:

Once the samples are loaded, the message "Ready to play!" will be displayed. This can take up to a few minutes.

You can then press the "Start/Stop" button to launch the piece.

As always, for best results, headphones should be used.

Version 0.8.2 ; This piece has only been tested on Google Chrome.

ISS current Longitude:

ISS current Latitude:


Audio settings